Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square is one of the five open spaces that William Penn incorporated into the city’s original plan. Logan Circle, Franklin Square, City Hall, and Independence Park are the other four locations. It was known as the southwest square until 1825 when it was named for the astronomer-clockmaker, David Rittenhouse (1732-96).

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Rittenhouse Square has always denoted quality. The first house facing the Square was erected in 1840. During its next century the Square kept its residential quality. In 1913, the architect Paul Cret, who was one of the men responsible for Benjamin Franklin Parkway and many of its buildings, designed the Square’s entrances, central plaza with the stone railings, pool and fountain. To have lived near or on the Square was a mark of prestige. Today, private homes are gone, but it still counts for something to live on the Square. With cooperative apartments and condominiums displacing private dwellings in the last three decades, some of the Old Guard still live in these homes in the sky rather than family mansions.

Images from the book ” Through An Artist’s Eye: Philadelphia – Volume 1, Rittenhouse Square” by Armond Scavo.

Image 1: Lavendar Evening
2: Rittenhouse Square
3: Luminaire in the Square
4: Bicycle in Snow
5: Umbrellas in Snow
6: Twin Urns
7: Liberty Place, One & Two
8: 18th & Walnut Streets, Evening
9: Umbrellas in Snow, B&W
10: Twin Urns, B&W
11: Billy and the Round Bench
12: Tracks in Snow
13: Winter Scene #1
14: Winter Scene #2
15: Early Summer Afternoon
16: Church of the Holy Trinity, Spring
17: Shadows on the Sidewalk, Spring #1
18: Shadows on the Sidewalk, Spring #2
19: Figure and Fountain
20: Two Benches and Guard House
21: Fall Tree
22: Red Canopy
23: Leaves on Grass, Autumn
24: White Clouds and Blue Sky
25: Tree and Green Grass
26: Late Afternoon Sun
27: Autumn Trees, Rittenhouse Square #1
28: Autumn Trees, Rittenhouse Square #2
29: Rittenhouse Square from Above, Winter
30: Rittenhouse Square from Above, Summer
31: Happy Holidays
32: The Millennium

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