New Works

The aim of the “New Works“ gallery is to introduce you to both recent photographs and photographs that are in my archives and never seen before. This collection may represent new work from a specific series, or a group of photographs from diverse interests. The collection will change from time to time.

Pixels and Ink is the  current series in the New Works Gallery. These photographs were taken on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

The title originated from my response to the printing of my first all digital series. Unlike film, the image is created by expressing the pixels by putting ink on paper; hence the title: Pixels and Ink. This process, in my opinion, is related closer to water color and painting than it is to photography. But that is for another conversation.

With this series I returned to an approach that I used in earlier architectural abstracts done in Puerto Rico and Chile. But in this series I wanted to push the approach by concentrating more on obscuring the objectivity of the subject with illusion. My goal, as always,  was to express the elegance and beauty of these subjects.  Click thumbnail to view larger image.

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