Artist’s Statement

Armond ScavoWhen I started photographing, the people who knew me were always puzzled by the apparent dichotomy between the calm, romantic beauty of my photographs and the energetic pace of my lifestyle. I have come to realize that these two forces are not in discord but in harmony. They comprise the duality of my Yin and Yang.

Beyond the demands of daily living, I have always strived to experience grace, beauty, and harmony in my life. My art is one way I take the time to record and share these experiences.  I am instinctively attracted to subjects that convey these qualities. In my work I use composition, form and color to emphasize them. The camera allows me to edit out all distractions, so that I am left with the pure pleasure of the experience.

As you browse through my seascape, landscape, Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square or my other Galleries my painterly approach to  fine art photography is obvious.

Armond Scavo


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Patti Wright April 14, 2011 at 12:49 pm

Looking up people I use to know-did you live in Center City on 21st Street in the last 60-early 70′s?? Did you date a women then named Patty O’connor from the Northeast?? If you-then I meet you thur Patty-my name was Patti Glaccum. I’m am now married and living in Delaware Cty.
Again, just trying to reach out to people I use to know to see how they are doing.


admin April 14, 2011 at 7:55 pm



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