Print Purchase Program: “Blue Moon”

by admin on April 6, 2012

Every other week I will be offering one of my original photographs at a great savings to you. The selections will include unmated signed photographs of the various sizes and subjects included in both my websites.

The second  title offered through my Print Purchase Program is an unmated medium size photograph titled Blue Moon.

Blue Moon, taken in Biddeford Pool Maine, is an image of one of those rare events; a blue moon, which is the second full moon in the same month. This moon has two other rare features. It is also  a harvest moon. And if you look close you will see a red ring around it. I first thought that this was an optical illusion but realized that the red ring is reflected in the water. When the moon is low in the horizon as the ice crystals pick up the sunlight they create a red ring. It’s actually a fairly uncommon happening. So having these three astronomical characteristics in one image was a one of a kind experience. And yes the color is natural. No filters, no photoshop!!

The size: 13″x10.25″ printed on a 11×14′ photographic paper. This size is perfect for matting to fit a 16×20 standard size frame.

Price: $13.00 + $7.00 shipping = $20.00 total. (Tax included)

Take note: there are only 15 prints available

For more information and to order please contact me directly

Armond Scavo


*Special requests will be considered.

*The offer will be good for one month from the date of the offering.                        I hope you take advantage of this special opportunity to collect my work at great savings.

Best Regards,

Armond Scavo


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