A Sour Note At Franco and Luigi’s High Note Cafe

by admin on March 30, 2012

I have eaten at Franco’s and Luigi’s High note  cafe at 13th and Tasker. for the last 5 or 6 years and tonight was the last time. I just got back from a a bad experience there.

The problem centered around being some would say misinformed, I would say deceived and disrespected.. To be as brief as possible we ordered one order of roasted red peppers that were delicious, two sides of linguini, just as good, and one side of meatballs. When the food came out, the sides of linguini were so big that I asked the waiter if this was the size of a side of linguini. A few minutes later I asked him again, and how big was an entree. He assured me they were side portions and said that the entree was twice as large. When we got the check we were charged for two entrees. When I brought this up to the owner Franco he said that we couldn’t order sides of anything. when I asked him why the waiter didn’t tell us we were not allowed to order side dishes, Franco looked at me as if I were some dimwit and said with the arrogance of Napoleon, in a room full of people, and  I paraphrase  ” nobody ever orders side dishes of anything, these are entrees”. So no matter how little or how much you want to eat you can only order enormous portions at fairly high prices. As much as I like the food, I cannot recommend a place that tells you the portion you ordered after you get the bill; and assumes that the customer is wrong. Franco did not take any responsibility for the waiter’s lack of knowledge of the menu and that we were misinformed. So for one appetizer of roasted peppers, two “sides ” of linguini in oil, and one appetizer of meatballs (3) It cost $60.00. The same meal at Pesto’s on South Broad would be $25.00 tops.  the food is at least as good, and the owners appreciate and respect their customer.


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