Through an Artist’s Eye: Paris and Philadelphia

by admin on August 13, 2011

The title of this photograph of Rittenhouse Square is Midnight Walk. I post it as a prelude to my comments on the film Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen.

I have been a Woody Allen fan from his days as a stand up comedian; and I like almost all of his films. Some I consider masterworks. But Midnight in Paris is my favorite.

Aside from the wonderful story filled with literary characters and references, what could be better than a film that visually relates to his audience an artist’s love affair with a city . It is apparent that Woody Allen loves Paris. From the opening frame the beauty and elegance of that great city is witnessed time and again through the artist’s eye.

Oddly enough, even though I have been photographing Philadelphia for a long time, It wasn’t until I saw Midnight in Paris that I had a clearer understanding of my approach to photographing Philadelphia: I too visually express my love affair with a great city through an artist’s eye.
Philadelphia:Through an artist’s Eye


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