A fourth of July Message.

by admin on July 3, 2011

This Morning I heard the most remarkable interview titled the “Inner Workings of Democracy. Krista Tippet interviewed Jacob Needleman, a philosophy professor who wrote “The Soul of America”.

“As young democracies emerge around the world, we take a long view of the ingredients that formed this democracy well beyond July 4, 1776. The philosopher Jacob Needleman reminds us of the inward work of conscience behind institutions and political values that Americans now take for granted.”

This is the link to the audio. I can’t express strongly enough how refreshing and important it is to me to understand the conscience and intention of the founding fathers and the unique consequence their actions had on mankind.
I hope listening to this interview will effect you as it did me.

The inner working of Democracy


Happy Fourth of July!!

Armond Scavo


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