My Life Journey By Way Of Food: A brief History

by admin on April 15, 2011

I guess the best way to start is to begin with my family and neighborhood history. And even as I write this, at this very moment memories are flooding in that make me realize how special and precious they are.

Over the last several years my brothers and I realized that we are the last generation that had grand parents who came over from Italy and in our case also Sicily at the turn of the century. It is not only that our grand parents immigrated here, but they brought the old country with them. This included their culture, their friends, and their family. And through these conversations with my brothers I have realized what a blessing it was growing up on 10th and Tree with Italians who came to America. My parents generation were the first Italian Americans in our family. I think there is a vast difference.

The Street I grew up on:
10th and Tree has 52 houses in the block. I grew up at 1018 with my mom, Lena, my dad Rudy who’s real name was Armond, and my brothers Louis and Michael. My grandmother Santina, and my Aunts Sylvia and Rita, who we all called Tita, lived at 1014 Tree street; literally one house away.
All the children on my block that were my age or my brothers, had the same family arrangements: Grandparents, aunts and uncles either on the mother’s or father’s side; parents, siblings and often cousins.

Everyone on the block that was my grandparents age came over from Italy or Sicily.

Everybody on the block were friends, but you were closer to the families that lived closest to you; especially you next door neighbors.


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